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How well Do You Know Your Vitamins?

Vitamins are everywhere.  They are sold in various types of stores from health food stores, to gyms, to stands in the mall, mail order, the internet and more. There are countless manufacturers and endless cominations of contents and strengths. So how do your know which vitamins to buy? How do you know you're not overpaying or purchasing a substandard product.  Dr. Fluger makes vitamins available to his patients that are a higher quality than you can purchase in the store.

Not all vitamin companies are the same. Depending on how vitamins are manufactured will determine how good each product is.  For example, Vitaminerals Inc. is entering its fourth generation of family ownership and management. Perhaps it is that fact thatmakes them take particular personal pride in the quality of their products and services. Vitaminerals remain one of a handful of vitamin companies who still manufacture their own products.

Generally, nutritional companies must use "fillers" to bind tablets, capsules, etc. and that can effect the ability to absorb the vitamins.  The majority of "fillers" from Vitaminerals provide nutritional value, such as extra calcium or magnesium, others may not.

The nutritional companies we deal with only sell directly to doctors which makes them keep to the highest standards possible. In addition, the formulas are designed to be in the proper proportions to maximum healing effectiveness.

You will find that all our vitamins, herbs, homeopathic formulas are reasonably priced with quality being of the highest standards.  As you know, I recommend the Vitamin B Complex as your main standard.  You should also be stocked up on Vitamin C.  Don't forget to drink plenty of water in this heat.  Enjoy your summer!

Dr. Fluger, D.C.


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